Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Very few things make me happier than a gluten free cinnamon roll with real cream cheese frosting

IKEA adventures with my favorite Mana

I got to play with baby Mason today

So guys, when are you going to sign me up for guitar lessons?

It's time for new passport pictures. Can you guess which one we will end up using?

Yesterday at Ellie's ice skating lesson we discussed the pros and cons of whether or not I should also go ice skating.

I insisted that I needed to put on some ice skates and go out on the ice too. Mommy agreed.

Out on the ice I mostly skated with Mommy, but then I skated with Becca and Mommy took some pictures

I was so happy to skate with Rebecca while our sisters had their lesson

I love my ice skating lessons with Lily!

Time for some free skating for all of us girls together

Mommy taught me how to hold on to the wall and balance

I watched the big girls skating and I was inspired!

And then I just let go and skated all by myself.